I am very blessed to have found a niche here on the "Forgotten Coast " & enjoy producing my Csea line of vibrant coastal jewelry.                        Cassalona

A NEW BEGINNING... Csea Jewelry

After 33 years of Alaskan life & while enjoying a beautiful June day at the Yukon River's edge, I half jokingly suggested to my husband that flip - flops should become the required foot gear. My native born Floridian husband heartily agreed & via a circuitous route, which included eleven months in Guatemala & multiple trips to Mexico, we decided to purchase a home on Florida's "Forgotten Coast". 
            In 2013 I began handcrafting jewelry with recycled glass sandblasted or tumbled to resemble sea glass. I also produce kiln formed glass pendants & work with pearls, lampwork glass, recycled bottle glass, unique vintage & antique components, sea shells, gemstones, crystals & mixed metal. My designs are original & each piece is made in my private "Forgotten Coast" studio using high quality materials. Csea Jewelry can be found at retail locations in communities along Hwy. 98 from Mexico Beach to Panacea. 

I have always been drawn to remote rugged areas & when I was 19 I lived in what is now part of the Death Valley National Monument. During one of my many hikes I found an antique trade bead laying in the desert sands & became fascinated with primitive glass bead making techniques, the movement of antique trade beads & how they influenced cultures.

           In 1980 I moved north to the Yukon River in Alaska & became a bead maker, jewelry & basket maker, bead weaver & herbalist. I used local wild materials to produce my pieces. My art was sold at the Nancy Stonington Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington & throughout Alaska & Dawson Y.T., Canada.
            In 2002, while working as a back country ranger for BLM, I met a Floridian gold prospector. A year later we were married & I returned to my artful passions full time. From 2003 to 2012 I specialized in producing kiln formed art glass & worked with fossilized mammoth ivory, raw gold, gemstones & antique trade beads to produce northern themed jewelry.

​NOTE: Csea Jewelry was Originally labeled "Forgotten Coast Glass Art & Jewelry".